Imagine Greater Louisville Regional Call for Proposals Frequently Asked Question:

What organization is the granting entity?

Funds are provided by the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund to the Fund for the Arts to issue as the granting entity of this call for proposal process.


Do proposals need to be for new projects?

Proposals can be for existing or new projects as long as they align with the Imagine priorities and strategies.


Can you submit multiple proposals?

It is highly recommended one proposal be submitted per applicant.


Is there a maximum dollar amount individuals and organizations can request?

There is not a cap on the request amount.


If my project is ongoing (example: an annual festival), should I ask for funding for one year or for as much as I can get?

Requests should focus on one year of funding.


Is this grant only for performing and visual arts projects?

All arts and culture projects addressing the Imagine priorities and strategies will be considered.


Do I only select one strategy and one action that my project aligns with?

One is the minimum. You may select multiple priorities and strategies.


Are there any budget restrictions (example: salaries, supplies)?

Requests for operational funding of an organization will not be considered. Proposals can include overhead costs associated with the project/program and all expenses.


Are there restrictions on generating revenue as part of the project (example: ticket sales for a performance)?

Revenue generated by ticket sales should be properly represented in the budget as additional funding resources covering the cost of the project.


Is “geographic area” where you are located or where the project is taking place?

The geographic area should be where the project is taking place.



In what geographic area must projects take place?

Projects must take place in one of the regional counties of the Greater Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with the exception of Jefferson County. Eligible counties in Kentucky: Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble; and in Indiana: Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, Washington.


If I am partnering with a school, who needs to provide the letter of intent?

The principal of the school needs to provide a letter indicating they are a partner on the proposal.


How should partnerships submit the application?

Partnerships should submit one application. It is suggested that one person or organization take the lead on the submission.


Do I need to include work samples in my proposal?

You may submit up to two additional files as part of your application (this is not required). These files may be letters of support, work samples, etc.


Is there a file size limit on the additional files?

No, there is not a file size limit on uploads to the application.


If you have a specific timeline for your project that is not twelve months in length, is that disqualifying?

No, but you must use all awarded dollars within twelve months.


Can you save the application and return to it later?

Access a saved application by using this link.


How much of my application will be posted online for public comment?

The project name, applicant name, requested amount, total cost of the project, and project description could be posted on the Imagine website during the public comment period.


How much of the available funds will be set aside for smaller projects?

This will be determined during the review process.


Who will be reviewing the proposals?

There is a three-tiered panel of reviewers that includes members from the five Imagine subcommittees (who have not submitted a proposal) and invited regional community members, artists and arts and culture leaders from outside of Louisville (for peer review), and members of the steering committee (who have not submitted a proposal). Public comment from the website will also be considered during the review process.


Are there different notification dates for smaller and larger projects?

All applicants will be notified at the same time – on or around the first of June 2018.


How will the funds be administered?

Funds will be dispersed at the beginning of the project cycle (July 2018).


If my project is selected, will I be asked to turn in receipts for my spending?

A detailed accounting for how the funds were spent will be part of the final reporting.

What is the expectation for branding/ using the Imagine and Metro logos on completed projects?

It is expected that funded projects will use the Imagine logo for the duration of the grant cycle (one year).